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  • Welcome

      Welcome to Beijing Municipal Archives.

      Archives are the memories of the history, the wealth of the society. Its mission is to manage the archives in accordance with scientific principals and methods. The mission"s values are not only remains for the current people, but also for those in the future ages. The archives is a place where the files are surely and securely kept and remained for the coming generations. However, archives is not only a preservable place, but also a information communication exchanging center of the archive information, and the thesaurus which open for the society circles to gain all kinds of knowledge.

      The holding of Beijing Municipal Archives now are 1.71 million volumes(pieces), including paper, record, audio-visual, film, photo, and various medium, its contents are quite rich. Public can utilize our archives through Internet, reading, exhibition and publication, and other ways to get the necessary services. In recent years, our archives increasingly have being expanded in the information construction through our more investment. Now, 520,000 pieces of records can be searched on-line, and we have planned that we will digitalize 10% of our paper archives, some microfilm information and all of the audio-visual archives by the end of 2005, for the convenience of on-line utilization.

      We sincerely welcome all public to make more use of the tremendous and precious resources from the archives, and we still hope you generously give us advices and opinions to improve all the aspects of our job, make our services more perfect.

      Thank you.

    Copyright: Beijing municipal archives public safety by 110401200266 Beijing Beijing ICP No. 05014030
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