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  • Beijing Historical Resource

      Beijing Historical Recrouce is an academic and information magazine organized by Beijing Archives, founded in 1986, quarterly initially. The aim of the magazine is to explore history, publish archives, offer application, and promote research. And the basic scope covers to announce holdings, information and relevant historical thesis. In 1996, Beijing Archives History in its 10 anniversary was converted from Quarterly to Bi-monthly, and to book series in 1999.

      Beijing Historical Recrouce acts as an important means to develop holdings and a bridge connecting holdings and the public. It has won appraise from domestic and foreign history experts. From the 13 years ranging from the founding year of 1986 to the end 1998, it has established 23 columns, such as record history, special comment, figure study, history study, essays, history evolution, review of history and introduction of holdings. A total of 58 periods have been published, including 300 plus of archives, 200-plus of academic research articles and other essays and 100-plus history photos. All of these have exerted influences to the archive and history sectors. Most of the 300-plus archives published involves recent history of China or Beijing History, especially that of politics, economy, culture, education, and city construction. These archives announced are positive to promote history study of relevant fields and decision making of some realistic problems. It has been appraised widely and won the top honor of Beijing Party History Research Achievement.

      In 1999, Beijing Historical Recrouce was published officially by publication. By the end of 2001, 12 books have been published, a total of 300,000 words. There are 63 history articles, 40 academic thesis, 57 others ensure the variety and multiples of the history information. In addition, many of its articles are of great interest, local features, meeting demands of various readers. It has contributed to the socialized culture of Chinese features.

      Beijing Historical Recrouce Publication

      Current staff

      Chief editor: Wang Yun

      Vice editor: Shi Shanlin, Ren Zhi, Mei Jia

      Director: Mei Jia

      Members: Mei Jia, Zhang Wenwu, Sun Gang, Zhang Peng, Tian Shangxiu, Wang


    Copyright: Beijing municipal archives public safety by 110401200266 Beijing Beijing ICP No. 05014030
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